Hi, I’m Mayumi. I have been practicing various forms of meditation, chanting, and yoga for over twenty years. During the last decade, my own physical challenges and art-teaching experiences led me to learn and share Qigong movements. Awed by the simple and accessible nature of Qigong exercise, I now incorporate Qigong into many types of classes, from mindfulness guidance to drawing lessons to tea brewing demonstrations.

I grew up in Japan and much of my cultural & foodie interests originate from there. As an adult I have lived in multiple countries but am mostly based in New York. Combining visual art practice and mindful meditation experiences, I have taught classes in various countries including France, Thailand, Indonesia, Norway, and Mexico, among others. I have been a backpacker since my late teens and continue to love visiting various areas of the world, urban and remote. I am grateful to have had many precious encounters with teachers from diverse disciplines, both well-known and unknown. 

When in foreign environment the language barrier could feel isolating, but limited communications often force us to refine our sense of being truly present with another person. And that may help us overcome  involuntary judgement towards ourselves and others, arising from our constant, discriminating mind.